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Harrisonburg VA

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Grant Davies Atkinson

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John Sheldon Bell

Victor E Morris

Biography :
Brother Morris has gladly served as a full-time instructor for the Church Educational System with Seminaries & Institutes of Religion for 20 years. He is glad to be in his home state of Virginia where he was born and raised. He has been the Director of the Charlottesville Institute since 2006. He came here from sunny Southern California where he was a director at the Fullerton West Institute for 5 years. He presently directs and coordinates the programs in Charlottesville, Harrisonburg and Winchester. Brother Morris is best known amongst friends for having been raised in the remarkably sizeable family of fourteen children, eleven boys and three girls. This has left a distinct mark in his personae, which has proven magnificent for his job, as it seems that he never runs out of tales to tell, and he can also get along with just about anybody. Brother Morris served a full-time mission for the Church in Fresno, California, Spanish speaking. After returning home he went to BYU where he successfully graduated with a Bachelors Degree in History. It was there that he met and married his lovely wife, Lucy, who had come to study from Puerto Rico. Together they have three wonderful children, Victoria, Kalin, and Vanessa. Brother Morris finished a Law degree from Concord University in 2006.

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Ken Lowell Ware

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