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Institute of Religion

Provo UT

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Collin Barnes Ainge

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Hayley Hannah Fugal

Michael Graf

Biography :
Brother Graf teaches part-time at the Orem University Institute and supervises the institute classes for 12 BYU Stakes. His previous experience includes teaching in New Jersey, Utah (Davis County), California, and now back in Utah (Utah County). He has also served in the Training and Administrative Divisions for Seminaries and Institutes of Religion at the Church Office building in Salt Lake City. Brother Graf was raised in Cedar City, Utah where he met his wife after his mission to Taiwan. They are the parents of 9 children and 4 grandchildren. His educational background includes bachelor and master degrees in Business from BYU, and a doctorate degree in Education Administration from the University of Utah. He loves teaching and watching/playing sports with his family.

Jill Halford

Bret Kay Hutchison

David Allen Jensen

Shawn Lawrence Johnson

Jensen Leigh Krause

Eliza Esther King Lawrence

Penny Lee

Biography :
Utah Valley South Adapted Needs Institute Instructor Provo, Area Substitute

Kellie Sue Little

Brinda Loss

Thomas Edgar, Jr Lyon

Stephanie Magleby

Nicholas Chang McGhie

Julie Merrill

Leslie Ann Monson

Annmarie Moore

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