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Here is our Summer Schedule. We will update the teachers as soon as we know who will be teaching.

2014 Summer.docx


Here is a link to the CES Devotionals of 2014: The first devotional features Elder Tad R. Callister and he is speaking on Sunday, January 12th, 2014 at 6 pm MST. You can also watch past devotionals from this page.


Beginning November 22, we will close the institute building at 3 pm every Friday.


Here it is--hot off the press: our new Spring Schedule! Choose a class and sign up for it at

2014 Spring Day and Night.xlsx


We are seeing an increase of impatient YSA who skip the LDS account login process and register as non-members. This creates a lot of extra work for our secretaries. Please take the time to login and register as a member if you are one. Thank you!


Attached please find a list of the current Adult Religion classes offered around the valley by various stakes. Feel free to call the teachers for more information. If the info is in red, it hasn't been updated yet.

2013 Fall Adult Education.docx


Sure, you love to be here and enjoy the Spirit! But, did you know you can receive recognition for all your hard work? Better yet, you can still attend after you "graduate" and work towards another level of recognition! Recognition ceremonies are held once a year, in the Spring (April-May). Click on the attached document to see what you need to graduate from institute! You can also click on "graduation" on our homepage, logon with your LDS username and password, and find out for yourself what you lack!

2014 Recognition Requirements, large.docx


Since you will be signing into your LDS account to register, you can now upload your own picture. Simply click on "personal information." You can then upload a picture, add your "preferred name," whether you are a college student, your contact information, and your preferred way to be contacted. Thanks!

FAQ--Which ward am I in?

Go to Type in your address. Your ward(s) should appear. If you are 18-30, you can go to a family ward or a YSA ward. Thirty-one and above attend a conventional ward. Five new YSA stakes covering the Phoenix Valley were created June 9-10, 2012 and they are now showing up on the website referred to above.

FAQ--What is LDSSA?

LDSSA stands for Latter-day Saint Student Association. All students at MCC who are institute students are automatic members of the LDSSA Club, which is our on-campus club. As an institute, we are striving to increase our on-campus presence. We appreciate any volunteers who help with events that we hold on campus, such as Clubs Carnival, Fall/Spring Bash, service projects, etc.

FAQ--Do I need a parking permit?

No. We have not had to resort to using permits to park in our lot. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure to lock your car and turn your lights off!

FAQ--Do you have a list of available LDS housing for rent?

To our knowledge, there are no large housing units that are the same as at BYU, with enforced BYU standards. It is up to the individual landlord and roommates. However, in an effort to help out the LDS community, we compile housing spreadsheets from the cards posted on our housing board. We have three categories of housing lists: Male, Female, and For Sale or Rent, which are empty units looking for families, couples or a group of same-gender friends. You can request a housing list by calling us at 480-964-2652, or by emailing us at The lists are updated almost daily.

FAQ--Is there a fee for institute?

No. Beginning the fall semester of 2004, the Church changed the funding for institutes. There is no longer a fee for institute classes, with one exception. If you are a non-student older than 30, the Continuing Education Fee must be paid. That fee is established by BYU Continuing Education and is based on an amount per credit hour taught..

FAQ--Who can attend institute?

Institute is for all young adults 18 to 30 years old. It's never too late during the semester to join an institute class. Every young person, single or married, student or non-student, is encouraged to attend institute. A post-secondary student over 31 may also attend institute free of charge. For non-students older than 31, please click on our News Item "Adult Religion Classes."

FAQ--Can my 14-year-old homeschooled/MCC student take an institute class?

Institute classes are targeted for those individuals 18-30 years old, and we encourage homeschooled students to enroll in and attend their local seminary classes. For any exceptions, you and your student will need to visit with the Institute Director. Please call 480-964-2652 for an appointment.

FAQ--Can I post my business card?

We find that many people have posted business cards to promote their private businesses. We also receive requests to post announcements for theatre/dance/music productions, or to raise money for a good cause. Church policy prohibits us from posting all such advertisements. We are only allowed to publicize for activities sponsored by another institute or a church unit, and the flyer/poster must state the name of the sponsoring unit. We remove and discard any postings not in line with these policies.

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