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Orem UT University

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How to register for classes

You need to be between the ages of 18-30 and can register, for free, at anytime.You do not need to be a college student and are always invited to attend classes. Register online or come to the main office for help.

How parking works at the Institute

You may park in the Institute parking lots (the “prime” lot is just north of the Institute, and the “stake center” lot surrounds the two LDS chapels that are even further north). You must comply with the following: •You must be registered for and attending an institute class. •Please complete a parking application for the current semester. •Pay $5 (one-time fee) for a new parking card, or bring in your old parking card to renew it (free). •Attend class and mark the roll. •Class attendance must be 75% for both lots. •You must renew your parking privilege each semester.

Did you know you can GRADUATE from INSTITUTE?

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